UNESCO Biospheres

The biosphere is the world in which we live and share with other living things – the zone of life on earth – the soil we grow things in, the air we breathe and the sea where we swim and fish.

• UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) hosts the World Network of Biosphere Reserves which promote a balanced relationship between people and nature.

• In 2016 there were 669 Biosphere Reserves spanning 120 countries, including areas as diverse as the Amazon rain forest, Canary islands, and city surrounds of Paris, Cape Town and Sao Paolo.

• The UK has 6 Biospheres as of 2016, including ours in the Brighton & Lewes Downs, which are all connected through the UK ‘Man & the Biosphere’ (MAB) Committee and work also with the wider UK National Commission for UNESCO.